We are a young family who was living in the big city and recently moved to the country to pursue a simpler life. We realize that a “simpler life” can mean a variety of things to different people so let us clarify. A simpler life to us is one in which we pursue YHWH (God) through following his commandments while living off the land that HE provided.

We purchased a home on 5 acres of land that we intend to make our homestead. The goal is to eventually be almost 100% self-sufficient. What does that look like? We plan to grow and harvest our own vegetables, fruits and some grains as well as maintain a small bit of livestock and chickens. Along with producing most of our own food, the goal is to produce most of our own energy through clean, natural sources such as solar and wind.

We have absolutely no experience in homesteading, farming, gardening, or raising livestock. Zip, zero, zilch. That’s ok because that’s what the internet and friends are for 😉 Everything that we will be doing, we will be learning by trial and error or by following the advice of others.

If we can do it so can you!


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  1. Jason and Abbey, wow! how exciting. You probably know that we are heading to Ghana as missionaries but our teammate has been working w/ the nationals to show and share w/ them how to garden God’s way…his permaculture site uses no pesticides, all natural, so it is reproducible for the nationals. We watched a video clip while we were there of a man here in the states who used a certain composting method and grows things to just share them. I’ll have to ask Bobby if he remembers the site address for sure. It is something to do w/ “the garden of eden”….whereabouts did you all move to? Praying for your journey ahead w/ the Lord…

      • Jason & Abbey — Congratulations on beginning a new chapter! It sounds like you are a real team and will grow as you work together and allow God to give you everything you need. The pace of life really is frustrating at times as I know what is important but submit to that which appears to be urgent. You are courageous to venture out and make this change. I especially like the part about you being “free to raise children…”


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