Starting a New Chapter

We were probably like many of you not long ago, a young couple chasing the ever illusive “American Dream.” We would wake up together and go to bed together but that was about it. Sure, we had a supper together every now and then but often times those were in front of the TV. We had too much house for our family of two but not enough space, too many¬†acquaintances¬†but not enough real relationships, and two incomes to pay for everything we thought we “needed.”

Then we realized we were chasing a fake dream and saw the real “American Dream.” The dream that brought countless immigrants to this great land so many years ago and even still some today. What is that dream? It’s to live a simple life, have a piece of land you can live off of, and pursue God the way HE wants to be pursued. This is our new dream and this is what pushed us to leave the big city life and buy a small house with some land in the middle of nowhere.

We were often asked by folks back in the city why we were moving to where we had chosen. They would say, “There’s nothing there.” Our simple response was, “Exactly!” We are free from the distractions that the society throws at us. We are free to raise our children in an environment that is not polluted by the world. We are free to raise our own organic whole foods instead of eating the GMO processed “food” you find in the grocery stores. We are free to seek the Most High in the manner that HE has set before us.

So, here we are. In a new environment, a new state of mind, and pursuing a new dream. We are starting a new chapter…